Part 2

Project One

We started the project- Self Portrait, which is similar to what I have done before. However, this project is using photography rather than using making so art pieces to present.





Due to my physical appearance, people think I am cute and tiny. For me, I think I am cool and independent as I took part in some street art activities, like street dance and skateboarding. In Hong Kong, People are not opened-minded in these kind of activities as UK. People think it is so strange. So there is a big contrast between what people think about me and the real one. I would like to put contrast and my favourite colour on my work . Black makes me feel calm and it can absorb lights which symbolize I am keen on learning from others.



As I keen on using some dim color mood to react the objects, so I want to use this way to do photography on flowers ( Personally, I like flowers as they are meaningful and I like the colours, shape and process of the flowers blooming. It can represent the growth of an object or life and the change), which is related to my concept of misjudgment. People might not under what have somebody have faced before they success. They appreciate how they success but they dont understand what they had given up.

 For this image, I took the image inside of the cafe which is the place can represent the inner side of myself as I like being quiet while I located in a place bustling with noise and excitement. I always feel lonely so I would like to tone it into darker color. Outside of the window is bright and pure which can represent my appearance and physical image. People think I am a positive person but I'm not. The flowers are symbolize my energy or something which can force me to be better is getting weak.




Today we learnt to criticise  what classmate s' work. Classmates gave me quit a lot positive feedback- look like band in 1970sto 1990s, Urban-like. For my pose, people think it looks strong pose on legs but looks shy from my hands. For my pose , it quite reflect myself as I am not confident person. What I want to communicate is to show I want to be a cool, independent, not so confident person. In order to create a dark side mood, I would like to tune the colour into dim and tried to make my image not to be so noisy. Starting from the lighting, I would like to create the  light and shadow. Maybe I can try to use nature lighting as it can create soft light and shadow. For the location, I can find some place which contain people and vehicles which can create the image contain lots of noise.


PJ2: Celebrating Archway



For this shop is quite surprising me as it looks same to other shop size. However when I walk in to the shop, I  found it is small and rectangle shape. There was only one person working with computer and he was really busy. It was called HOLLOWAY CARS in the past. The man said he started this company for 1.5 years. I think this shop is the only shop for printing or design work which located in the main street. I have asked for a few questions, photograph and also with the second hand research. I found that it is successful for the second hand research. However, I though it is failure with my second hand research, even I have asked for a few questions (because he was busy at the moment) and can't gain too much important information.



I went to the library and did some research on printing. I have found some process of printing and types of printing (e.g. screen print , inkjet print etc.) in order to help with my project. I wanted to put my focus on inkjet print as we use it everyday like school, workplace. while I decided to use inkjet print to be an idea to help me develop , I was thinking whether I can find deeper on inkjet printer. maybe the shape. colour or the process of how the inkjet print works and put it into my make up or hairstyle. 


- Process of printing

- Type of printing


-Mood of the print shop

-Ingredient or structure of inkjet printer

-Colour theory




During the contextual practice, I used different techniques and media (paper, to draw the materials which is related to my site -Print shop. However, I used pastel, ink and paper to draw the sketches and tried to find some inspirations. I also found some spaces and tried to develop it into pattern. I think it can apply it on the make up as it is started from the serves of print shop.  For the pattern, I think I can use it into the face painting , using face replace paper , just like printing the pattern on 'paper'. 





So this is my second draft of the final outcome. I tried to combine two images together and found that it is interesting as it can shows the result when the printer was broken or any technical problem, there would be double printed problem. I found that the colour of the image can shows the process of scanning as the laser works so I use photoshop to make the image be bright or a bit exposure effect.

I have put some red color on the pointed finger to represent magenta color. Also I drew the print mark on the eyes to symbolize we always ignore the print mark but it is appeared everywhere.





For the second collage, the topic is about nature elements. I have used water, wood, flower and sand image in this collage. As this can represent our daily life, we need this type of elements our daily life. food and drinks, buildings, paper which is surrounding our life. These images make me think of the natural beauty which can linked with my pathway. I would like to pick up some branches, flower and something which can symbolize water.





For this collage, I want to explore about the ethic group and style so I found some images which are focusing on nature elements, wide space and feather and smoke. I would like to use colour, pattern or object to be the elements for me to explore.





Third collage, I have picked up some photos form the newspaper which show the emotion: Happiness, shocked. What I think emotion can show the true feeling of a person and help people to create the first image or impression. I think this could a playful, funny way to express what I feel towards something. 



As we have language class in every Wednesday, we have to present our concept or what we done. After I have presented my concept is linked to my three collages. The tutor said my concept is linked and it is connected to each other. However, It is lack of research so I would like to find out some artist research or native american research to support my work. I would to explore on the colour, role and characteristic of native american (maybe do some research on the difference between the leader and the normal stage citizens). I also found that they have use feather and red ,blue colors to do a headset and make up.So I would like to apply the colors and the pattern on my outcome.



Today,we have different workshops to join in ,which is really interesting as I like making some handcrafts rather than sitting in the classroom. So I have took the casting course,metal, plastic and print workshop. I have used plaster and clay to make a sculpture which is represent the habitat in an abstract way, round shape with soem net texture. Also I have used metal- copper and aluminum, to form a triangle shape tent with a flag-like shape.




Today, we have contextual practice and tutorial as usual. After reviewing my workflow (reflection and research), I found that I have lots of areas to be improved as my reflection is too simple and not deep enough. Tutor told me that when I wrote the reflection, always think about why.

For contextual practice, we talked about drawing and we had a three minutes quick sketch. I like the sketching practice as I think my idea and action work in same speed, reflect our thinkings or ideas immediately. It is a useful drawing practice. During the practice, we have to draw 30 sketches. However, I didn’t achieve the task as I just finished 20sketches. I have drawn something which is related to myself and patterns and eyes sketch. I really like this practice as it contains excitement and immediate ideas. I think I can apply this practice on my sketchbook as it is effective (less time consuming and effective results).


We started our two-days project today and we started to have the live drawing. I like the process of the live drawing as I think it is interesting, we can draw the models or objects using different media immediately and quick sketching. Everyone need to pick one plots in order to create the storyboard for others to do sketching.

For my group, we started a story from defend to romance. For other groups, record a story of bus journey and recorded a story o submarine to desert island cannabilism. I found that their stories are interesting and contain entertainment. It is better than our boring daily working days. We also required to pick an object and do material research- identify the characteristic of an object. Me and my group-mate have picked a horn(?) object and video taking. We made a GIF to react the object. The idea was inspired the hot steam hot pot in Hong Kong to give the customers surprise. 


We started a new project today and work with co-create partner- Mayu. She is going to study Fine Art and I’m going to study Hair and Makeup. So we are going to do some collaboration jobs together. First, we need to draw sketches on what 10 items that partner brought.Then, we use 20 items what we brought to do the collaboration works. We tried to separate by colours ,cosmetics and type of using. I found it put the same colour with different style or type together can become a funny collage as they have become an styling shoot image.

I also noticed the shape and the composition of the objects are interesting. For example, triangle structure and colour structure. And we have picked the black color and earphones to develop another idea, like using the earphones to create lines and patterns. Combining Mayu and me concept, we use the earphones to bind together and looks like branches to fix with our idea and concept. 



We gathered the research that we found together and decided to use similar material to do the experiment. So we used the transparent colour acrylic to do the curvy wave shape. We also want to use the laser pointer to do the light reflection through the acrylic laser. The reason that we want to use curvy shape because the surface of the acrylic can project and spread more laser light than the normal, flat surface. While we were heating the acrylic pieces, we found that there contains bubble inside the acrylic. We found it is interesting as it can create the texture and the light reflection can also show the detail to the wall. Then we started to apply the pattern into some of the acrylic pieces. We also asked tutor for any suggestion or advice, she had suggestion us to record as a movies or series of photography, try to enlarge the scale of our 3D piece. We decided to do both and find the more suitable , successful do to be our final outcome.





Today is the deadline before we present, We decided to do the photoshoot today. We have settle the things in the black room and started to shoot. We have used different way to do the  photo shooting, for example, long exposure, light exposure. I found that the photos shoot by the long exposure is too abstract and my partner want to use direct, obvious way to present the mood and concept. Then, we used the photoshop to edit them and tuned into black and white colour.

After that we had tutorial with JO and talked about our project and gained some opinion and suggestion.  We have be suggested to use projecting the image to do the make up and we have some positive feedback on our works. We also tried another shooting method, projection. We think this method is successful as it can show the bubbled acrylic on the young figure's face. The pattern is really interesting it just like to the spots on the face create the anxious and negative mood.



So we have our presentation yesterday, so we have drawn some detailed drawings and we also write project description. I have drew the acrylic pieces from side view and tried to draw the transparent characteristic. As I have the 3D installation is inspired by the perspex jewelry from the CSM Museum (it is transparent.) Also I have drawn from the top view and I found it is similar like the rune so it just like showing a kind of language.

After we have presented, we asked a question which is about the improvement of our installation piece and gained a lot of comments. For example, it would be better if we use mirror-like (mental, mirror, mirror-like acrylic) to be the base of the 3D piece rather than wood or do the spray print on the wood, enlarge it, do a high contrast on the final images.

I found that the comments is helpful as we can know our weakness and where to improve. I think we can replace the wood into the mirror or mirror-like acrylic to see would it be successful or not. As we have a photography day next Friday so we need to prepare well before that day and try to do another photoshoot or tune higher the contrast. 


Reflective review



After I took part in this course, I think I have gained a lot in this course. For example, how to use the clear, tidy way to present my work and document my work in the right way. In the past, my works are messy and more colorful very many information on it which makes people feel dazzling. At first, I think it is more free to let us to do what we want and improve our works quality or have more chances to do site research. However, after these weeks, I think it is different from what I think as it is much more busier and we are not only need to work in our project but also need to go for different workshops. I think it is too busy for us to handle and some of the projects is too short for us to develop. Honestly, I know it might be too tough for us now, but the course would help a lot when we start our BA course.


I like the hand made project as I enjoy working in the workshop and I found that it is a wonderful experience and I gained a lot of  relevant knowledge, such as using the plaster, metal and the wood workshop as I don't like being quiet and I want to work more in objects rather than doing the research. I think these workshop can makes me become an artist and a handcraft man. It is better to learn more and work more. I like using the plaster and concrete to make some pieces of work. I enjoy the process very much even it is tough to mix the concrete and my clothes was getting dirty. All of the things are made by our hands and the technician gave us some guidelines.


Actually, I don't like the celebrating Archway project as I think it is too bored for me. I thought the site is big enough and leads me to think of ideas. However, It is quite different from what I think, it is one- man company and tiny. I have tried to think about the ideas but it even at the end of my project , I don't quite feel satisfied by this project as I have reviewed my project and I found that it is too narrow. Maybe I ‘m not creative enough to handle and can’t tell the story of celebrating archway. However, this project makes me understand that we need to care about the environment of a site or be informative on the site or target audience so we would understand the details and find some elements and helps our project or our works. If we are not ready for the job or not understand enough for our clients, we would be lost and the target audience would be disappointed and what we did is not what they want.


After I have done these project, I found that most of my projects are calm and peaceful with some dark side elements being involved. For example most of them are using monochrome color and it is clean and quiet. I think it is related to my present feeling of studying here. I feel anxious and stressful if I can’c pass the foundation plus course. Anther reason is I like the color of black and white as it can create the strong mood and I think it would be more attractive of using mono color rather than using a range of cooer cause it would makes the images or the things become more messy as I am really ready or too confidence to handle a range of color into my works.


For Co - create project, I enjoyed to work with MAYU as I think we can communicate well and combine the ideas of fine art and hair and makeup for fashion. The most interesting is working in the wood workshop because I like making some handcrafts and objects. We have an really enjoyable experience in this workshop. Also, the workshop has professional machines and materials. Therefore I really enjoy working there. I think the most challenging thing is develop the ideas in different ways. I think we have done experiments as we have develop the lighting and the installation design. I have learnt a lot by working with MAYU, as we communicate well and tell other about what we think.


As the Pecha Kucha presentation helps us to know about each other. For me, I have talked about the concept and where the idea of MAYU come from. I think the presentation can helps partner to know their discipline. I think my work has be enhanced and develop my idea in more different way which I cannot do before this course. During this course, I also think learn from different student and widen my knowledge. I also have better time management as I tried to make a timetable for myself which can lead me be more efficient. So I can save more time on working the sketchbook and the workflow. I hope I can be more self-manage person and efficient as I want to improve the visual skills , collaborate working  and critical thinking, I think it is helpful for my further as we may need to work with clients, companies or celebrates. So I have I have gained a lot from this course.


I think I have achieved my personal goals as my sketchbook layouts have been improved and my works not being messy all the time. As my previous works are too childish or haven't reached to higher level, I was not satisfied by these works. I think I would be improved on the skills of visual communication after this course, while studying here has given me lots of opportunities on working.


From now on , I want to challenge myself to try to use more colors ,focus the composition. I would like to look up more magazines or the some poster or any kind of images, shooting and it can widen my knowledge and learn from it. I also think I am not understand art enough and my relevant knowledge is too narrow so I would like to go the exhibition and museum to gain more, learn more.